Tips and Tricks: Applying the Euler controller in RealFlow.

When we are importing objects with animation in RealFlow, the rotation might show this issue. The frame 83 shows the value for the Z rotation to -178 and for the next frame 84 is 179 (see images below).

This will cause a problem when, e.g., we are creating a path for a softbody. The softbody will follow the animated object with the same orientation that the animated object has, but between the frame 83 and 84 there will be a sudden movement.

How to fix this?.  The answer is applying an Euler controller for the curve by scripting. In this case, first we need to apply the SD<>Curve for the animated object. Next, we’ll open a Batch script and write:

node= scene.getObject("camino")# "camino" is the name for the animated object
nodeR= node.getParameterCurve("Rotation.Z")

The same thing will be done, if it is necessary, when importing SD files in any 3dplatform like Maya or 3Dsmax with the tools of these programs. If the Euler controller is not applied, the motion blur might be wrong when rendering.




    1. Hi,

      It is not a bug. RealFlow can’t decide if you made the animation in this way or not. If not, you have the possibility to change it.


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