Tips and Tricks: I’ve forgotten to check the displacement map check box in the Export Central


As you know, when simulating a GridFluidDomain with the displacement maps to Yes, the maps are calculated in simulation time and they can’t be exported after simulating.

So, if you forget to check the checkbox to export the Displacement maps in the Export Central, the maps won’t be saved. But don’t worry, because it is not necessary to simulate the original scene again to generate the displacement maps. You just should duplicate the original GridFluidDomain01 with the same settings and go down the resolution value for the new GFD02 duplicated to 1 or 10. The new duplicated GFD02  must be in Active mode. Make sure you have the Displacement map checkbox checked in the Export Central for this GFD. Even you can change the name for the maps textures in the Export Central to GridFluidDomain01. Next, put inactive all nodes except the duplicated GFD and simulate.  Now, the displacement maps will be exported and you can apply to the original GridFluidDomain.




  1. Thanks for the trick but i was wondering that re-simulating the original domain and simulating the duplicated domain aren’t same thing?? As both the domains have same settings won’t it take same time to simulate both domains?

    1. Hi,

      It is not the same. You’ll need to duplicate the same for displacement parameters but the resolution can be 10 for the new domain, so the simulation will be faster.


      1. Hello,
        Am sure due to difference in resolution, of both fluids, the simulation will be different and the generated displacement map will also be different, so will that map be usable for the original fluid? Or am i missing something?

      2. The displacement maps will be the same for both resolutions because of the displacement map doesn’t use the gridfluiddomain to be calculated, only the parameters you set in the displacement tab. So, if you put the same values for displacement tab in a GFD with resolution 1.000.000 and another GFD with resolution 10, you’ll get the same displacement maps 🙂


      3. Oh, thats gr8. Thanks for sharing your expertise 🙂
        I wonder why RF docs does not have these kind of tricks 🙂

  2. I have one more query. As we to have to calculate the displacement map with the core fluid how can we decide what settings to put for the displacement(like choppiness, vertical scale) without watching the core simulation preview. Can we change the displacement settings while grid meshing??


    1. Easy. You can simulate one frame with the GridFluidDomain and the displacement maps checked and creating a GridMesh for the frame you have simulated. Once you have the GridMesh calculated, go to the shader tab in the Grid Mesh params, and selecting the “Displacement” option in the “Shader Type” parameter. Next, you can play with the Displacement parameters in the GridFluidDomain and you’ll see how the texture will change in the viewport. Once the displacement parameters have been set, you will be able to simulate the scene.


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