Scene: Volcano scene working with Hot and Cold plugin.

Hi everyone,

Did you remember the volcano scene working with the Hot and Cold plugin. The videotutorial was here in the RealFlow Resources web. Now, I put the scene so you can take a look. If you wanna change the aspect for the lave particles, make sure you are modifying the “Surface tension” and the “Temperature” parameters for the Hot object.

Download the scene from here




  1. Que tal Luis?quería hacerte una consulta sobre el tutorial del volcano y es que una vez que hago todos los pasos y le doy a simular el liquido en vez de subir hacia arriba se emplea desplazar hacia la izquierda como si lo empujara una fuerza.Sabrías cual es el problema?
    Gracias por la ayuda .

    Un saludo.

    1. Hola Manuel,

      En el demonio Hot and Cold hay un parametro llamado “Up” que controla la direccion en la que se mueven las particulas cuando entran en estado Hot. Dependiendo de como tengas los ejes configurados en RealFlow deberas poner estos valores: si pones 0 0 1 se moveran hacia Z, si pones 0 1 0 se moveran hacia Y, si pones 1 0 0 se moveran hacia X. Espero que esto te ayude.

      There is a parameter in the Hot and Cold daemon called “Up” which is controlling the direction for the particles when they are burned. Depending how you have configured the axis in RealFlow, the particles will move in that direction. So if you put 0 0 1 the particles will move on the Z axis, if you put 0 1 0 the particles will move on the Y axis and if you put 1 0 0 the particles will move on X axis. I hope it helps.


  2. i have 4 Gb ram ,64X2 Dual core processor 4000 + 2.1GHz system , Is it possible create ocean and volcano like simulation and render

    1. Hi rew,

      Yes it is possible but keep in mind that depending whether you have more particles, the mesh will have more detail to render it. The volcano scene was made in a dual core and it had 300.000 particles more or less.


  3. Hi Luis,

    Great stuff on your site. curious if you could create a quick example on how to initialize this plugin in realflow. I load your example file and keep getting an error with it were the plugin wont load. Im not sure if Im placing it in the right folder or theres a specail way in 2012 to install plugins.


    1. Hi Jan,

      It is because the version of realflow you have needs its own hold and cold compilation. You can found it in


  4. hi i have i7 processor 3rd generation and 8gb ram 4gb graphics card bt during simulation real flow stopworking is there any sollution to wrk with my system

    1. Hey,

      I guess your graphic card is nvidia. Try to update the graphic card drivers. Let us if it worked for you. There were some problems with one of the latest drivers from nvidia.


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