Tips-Tricks: How to create several GFEmitters at the same time.

Hi all,

when we are making a scene with HYBRIDO, only we can add a GridFluidEmitter per object. I put a little script to add a GridFluidEmitter for all selected objects if they are of the TYPE_OBJECT.

nodes = scene.getSelectedNodes()
gr = scene.addGroup()
name_gr = gr.setName("Grid_Fluid_Emiters")

for node in nodes:
	if (node.getType() == TYPE_OBJECT):
		name= node.getName()
		gfdE = scene.add_GB_Emitter()
		gfdE.setParameter("Object", name)
		gfdE.setParameter("Stream", True)
		gfdE.setParameter("Initial speed", 2.0)



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